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    First name: Chun-Sheng
    Last name: Chen
    DBLP: 01/1471
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    Conference paper
    Matthew Taddy, Chun-Sheng Chen, Jun Yu, Mitch Wyle.
    Bayesian and Empirical Bayesian Forests.
    Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Machine Learning, ICML 2015, Lille, France, 6-11 July 2015 2015 (0) 2015
    Journal article
    Wei-Ren Chen, Chun-Sheng Chen, Jenq-Huey Shyu.
    Stability of parametric vibrations of laminated composite plates.
    Applied Mathematics and Computation 2013, Volume 223 (0) 2013
    Conference paper
    Chun-Sheng Chen, Christoph F. Eick, Nouhad J. Rizk.
    Mining Spatial Trajectories Using Non-parametric Density Functions.
    Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition - 7th International Conference, MLDM 2011, New York, NY, USA, August 30 - September 3, 2011. Proceedings 2011 (0) 2011
    Conference paper
    Chun-Sheng Chen.
    Observer-based hybrid fuzzy CMAC controller for a class of uncertain chaotic systems.
    FUZZ-IEEE 2011, IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Taipei, Taiwan, 27-30 June, 2011, Proceedings 2011 (0) 2011
    Conference paper
    Ruth Miller, Chun-Sheng Chen, Christoph F. Eick, Abraham Bagherjeiran.
    A framework for spatial feature selection and scoping and its application to geo-targeting.
    IEEE International Conference on Spatial Data Mining and Geographical Knowledge Services, ICSDM 2011, Fuzhou, China, June 29 - July 1, 2011 2011 (0) 2011
    Conference paper
    Chun-Sheng Chen, Nauful Shaikh, Panitee Charoenrattanaruk, Christoph F. Eick, Nouhad J. Rizk, Edgar Gabriel.
    Design and Evaluation of a Parallel Execution Framework for the CLEVER Clustering Algorithm.
    Applications, Tools and Techniques on the Road to Exascale Computing, Proceedings of the conference ParCo 2011, 31 August - 3 September 2011, Ghent, Belgium 2012 (0) 2011
    Conference paper
    Vadeerat Rinsurongkawong, Chun-Sheng Chen, Christoph F. Eick, Michael D. Twa.
    Analyzing change in spatial data by utilizing polygon models.
    Proceedings of the 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Computing for Geospatial Research Application, COM.Geo 2010, Washington, DC, USA, June 21-23, 2010 2010 (0) 2010
    Conference paper
    Sujing Wang, Chun-Sheng Chen, Vadeerat Rinsurongkawong, Fatih Akdag, Christoph F. Eick.
    A polygon-based methodology for mining related spatial datasets.
    Proceedings of the 2010 First International Workshop on Data Mining for Geoinformatics, DMG 2010, November 2, 2010, San Jose, CA, USA, Proceedings 2010 (0) 2010
    Conference paper
    Chun-Sheng Chen.
    Sliding-Mode-Based Fuzzy CMAC Controller Design for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear System.
    Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, San Antonio, TX, USA, 11-14 October 2009 2009 (0) 2009
    Conference paper
    Chun-Sheng Chen, Vadeerat Rinsurongkawong, Christoph F. Eick, Michael D. Twa.
    Change Analysis in Spatial Data by Combining Contouring Algorithms with Supervised Density Functions.
    Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 13th Pacific-Asia Conference, PAKDD 2009, Bangkok, Thailand, April 27-30, 2009, Proceedings 2009 (0) 2009
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