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    First name: Roland
    Last name: Arnold
    DBLP: 12/5894
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    Conference paper
    Valerie Eichinger, Thomas Nussbaumer, Alexander Platzer, Marc-André Jehl, Roland Arnold, Thomas Rattei.
    EffectiveDB - updates and novel features for a better annotation of bacterial secreted proteins and Type III, IV, VI secretion systems.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2016, Volume 44 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Jouhyun Jeon, Roland Arnold, Fateh Singh, Joan Teyra, Tatjana Braun, Philip M. Kim.
    PAT: predictor for structured units and its application for the optimization of target molecules for the generation of synthetic antibodies.
    BMC Bioinformatics 2016, Volume 17 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    James Vlasblom, Khalid Zuberi, Harold Rodriguez, Roland Arnold, Alla Gagarinova, Viktor Deineko, Ashwani Kumar, Elisa Leung, Kamran Rizzolo, Bahram Samanfar, Luke Chang, Sadhna Phanse, Ashkan Golshani, Jack Greenblatt, Walid A. Houry, Andrew Emili, Quaid Morris, Gary D. Bader, Mohan Babu.
    Novel function discovery with GeneMANIA: a new integrated resource for gene function prediction in
    Bioinformatics 2015, Volume 31 (0) 2015
    Journal article
    Roland Arnold, Florian Goldenberg, Hans-Werner Mewes, Thomas Rattei.
    SIMAP - the database of all-against-all protein sequence similarities and annotations with new interfaces and increased coverage.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2014, Volume 42 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Sean Powell, Damian Szklarczyk, Kalliopi Trachana, Alexander Roth 0001, Michael Kuhn, Jean Muller, Roland Arnold, Thomas Rattei, Ivica Letunic, Tobias Doerks, Lars Juhl Jensen, Christian von Mering, Peer Bork.
    eggNOG v3.0: orthologous groups covering 1133 organisms at 41 different taxonomic ranges.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2012, Volume 40 (0) 2012
    Conference paper
    Stefan Götz, Roland Arnold, Patricia Sebastián-León, Samuel Martín-Rodríguez, Patrick Tischler, Marc-André Jehl, Joaquín Dopazo, Thomas Rattei, Ana Conesa.
    B2G-FAR, a species-centered GO annotation repository.
    Bioinformatics 2011, Volume 27 (0) 2011
    Journal article
    Marc-André Jehl, Roland Arnold, Thomas Rattei.
    Effective - a database of predicted secreted bacterial proteins.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2011, Volume 39 (0) 2011
    Journal article
    Thomas Rattei, Patrick Tischler, Stefan Götz, Marc-André Jehl, Jonathan Hoser, Roland Arnold, Ana Conesa, Hans-Werner Mewes.
    SIMAP - a comprehensive database of pre-calculated protein sequence similarities, domains, annotations and clusters.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2010, Volume 38 (0) 2010
    Conference paper
    Mathias C. Walter, Thomas Rattei, Roland Arnold, Ulrich Güldener, Martin Münsterkötter, Karamfilka Nenova, Gabi Kastenmüller, Patrick Tischler, Andreas Wölling, Andreas Volz, Norbert Pongratz, Ralf Jost, Hans-Werner Mewes, Dmitrij Frishman.
    PEDANT covers all complete RefSeq genomes.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2009, Volume 37 (0) 2009
    Conference paper
    Thomas Rattei, Patrick Tischler, Roland Arnold, Franz Hamberger, Jörg Krebs, Jan Krumsiek, Benedikt Wachinger, Volker Stümpflen, Hans-Werner Mewes.
    SIMAP - structuring the network of protein similarities.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2008, Volume 36 (0) 2008
    Conference paper
    Jan Krumsiek, Roland Arnold, Thomas Rattei.
    Gepard: a rapid and sensitive tool for creating dotplots on genome scale.
    Bioinformatics 2007, Volume 23 (0) 2007
    Conference paper
    Thomas Rattei, Mathias C. Walter, Roland Arnold, David P. Anderson, Hans-Werner Mewes.
    Using Public Resource Computing and Systematic Pre-calculation for Large Scale Sequence Analysis.
    Distributed, High-Performance and Grid Computing in Computational Biology , International Workshop, GCCB 2006, Eilat, Israel, January 21, 2007, Proceeding 2007 (0) 2006
    Conference paper
    Thomas Rattei, Roland Arnold, Patrick Tischler, Dominik Lindner, Volker Stümpflen, Hans-Werner Mewes.
    SIMAP: the similarity matrix of proteins.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2006, Volume 34 (0) 2006
    Conference paper
    Roland Arnold, Thomas Rattei, Patrick Tischler, Minh-Duc Truong, Volker Stümpflen, Hans-Werner Mewes.
    SIMAP - The similarity matrix of proteins.
    ECCB/JBI'05 Proceedings, Fourth European Conference on Computational Biology/Sixth Meeting of the Spanish Bioinformatics Network (Jornadas de BioInformática), Palacio de Congresos, Madrid, Spain, September 28 - October 1, 2005 2005 (0) 2005
    Conference paper
    Hans-Werner Mewes, C. Amid, Roland Arnold, Dmitrij Frishman, Ulrich Güldener, Gertrud Mannhaupt, Martin Münsterkötter, Philipp Pagel, Normann Strack, Volker Stümpflen, Jens Warfsmann, Andreas Ruepp.
    MIPS: analysis and annotation of proteins from whole genomes.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2004, Volume 32 (0) 2004
    Conference paper
    Heiko Schoof, Paolo Zaccaria, Heidrun Gundlach, Kai Lemcke, Stephen Rudd, Grigory Kolesov, Roland Arnold, Hans-Werner Mewes, Klaus F. X. Mayer.
    MIPS Arabidopsis thaliana Database (MAtDB): an integrated biological knowledge resource based on the first complete plant genome.
    Nucleic Acids Research 2002, Volume 30 (0) 2002
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