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    First name: William H. Joyner
    Last name: Jr.
    DBLP: 44/6729
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    Conference paper
    William H. Joyner Jr., David C. Yeh.
    Guest Editors' Introduction: System IC Design Challenges beyond 32 nm.
    IEEE Design Test of Computers 2008, Volume 25 (0) 2008
    Conference paper
    R. Iris Bahar, Dan W. Hammerstrom, Justin E. Harlow III, William H. Joyner Jr., Clifford Lau, Diana Marculescu, Alex Orailoglu, Massoud Pedram.
    Architectures for Silicon Nanoelectronics and Beyond.
    IEEE Computer 2007, Volume 40 (0) 2007
    Conference paper
    Shishpal Rawat, William H. Joyner Jr., John A. Darringer, Daniel Gajski, Pat O. Pistilli, Hugo De Man, Carl Harris, James Solomon.
    Were the good old days all that good?: EDA then and now.
    Proceedings of the 41th Design Automation Conference, DAC 2004, San Diego, CA, USA, June 7-11, 2004 2004 (0) 2004
    Journal article
    Ralph K. Cavin III, William H. Joyner Jr., Virginia C. Wiggins.
    A semiconductor industry perspective on future directions in ECE education.
    IEEE Trans. Education 2003, Volume 46 (0) 2003
    Conference paper
    Alan Allan, Don Edenfeld, William H. Joyner Jr., Andrew B. Kahng, Mike Rodgers, Yervant Zorian.
    2001 Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors.
    IEEE Computer 2002, Volume 35 (0) 2002
    Conference paper
    William H. Joyner Jr., Andrew B. Kahng.
    Guest Editor's Introduction: Roadmaps and Visions for Design and Test.
    IEEE Design Test of Computers 2001, Volume 18 (0) 2001
    Conference paper
    John A. Darringer, Daniel Brand, John V. Gerbi, William H. Joyner Jr., Louise Trevillyan.
    LSS: A system for production logic synthesis.
    IBM Journal of Research and Development 2000, Volume 44 (0) 2000
    Conference paper
    William H. Joyner Jr..
    Design and Test: The Lost World.
    ICCD 1997 (0) 1997
    Conference paper
    William H. Joyner Jr., Louise Trevillyan, Daniel Brand, Theresa A. Nix, Steven C. Gundersen.
    Technology adaption in logic synthesis.
    DAC 1986 (0) 1986
    Conference paper
    Louise Trevillyan, William H. Joyner Jr., C. Leonard Berman.
    Global Flow Analysis in Automatic Logic Design.
    IEEE Trans. Computers 1986, Volume 35 (0) 1986
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