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    First name: Otto
    Last name: Kühn
    DBLP: 66/2745
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    Conference paper
    Andreas Abecker, Ansgar Bernardi, Knut Hinkelmann, Otto Kühn, Michael Sintek.
    Context-Aware, Proactive Delivery of Task-Specific Information: The KnowMore Project.
    Information Systems Frontiers 2000, Volume 2 (0) 2000
    Conference paper
    Andreas Abecker, Ansgar Bernardi, Knut Hinkelmann, Otto Kühn, Michael Sintek.
    Toward a Technology for Organizational Memories.
    IEEE Intelligent Systems 1998, Volume 13 (0) 1998
    Conference paper
    Andreas Abecker, Stefan Decker, Otto Kühn.
    Organizational Memory - Das aktuelle Schlagwort.
    Informatik Spektrum 1998, Volume 21 (0) 1998
    Conference paper
    Otto Kühn, Andreas Abecker.
    Corporate Memories for Knowledge Management in Industrial Practice: Prospects and Challenges.
    J. UCS 1997, Volume 3 (0) 1997
    Conference paper
    Knut Hinkelmann, Otto Kühn.
    Revising and Updating a Corporate Memory.
    Proceedings of the European Symposium on the Validation and Verification of Knowledge-Based Systems, EUROVAV '95, Chambéry, June 1995 1995 (0) 1995
    Conference paper
    Otto Kühn, Björn Höfling.
    Conserving Corporate Knowledge for Crankshaft Design.
    IEA/AIE 1994 (0) 1994
    Conference paper
    Franz Schmalhofer, Ralph Bergmann, Otto Kühn, Gabriele Schmidt.
    Using Integrated Knowledge Acquisition to Prepare Sophisticated Expert Plans for Their Re-Use in Novel Situations.
    GWAI-91, 15. Fachtagung für Künstliche Intelligenz, Bonn, 16.-20. September 1991, Proceedings 1991 (0) 1991
    Conference paper
    Franz Schmalhofer, Otto Kühn, Gabriele Schmidt.
    Integrated knowledge acquisition from text previously solved cases, and expert memories.
    Applied Artificial Intelligence 1991, Volume 5 (0) 1991
    Conference paper
    Franz Schmalhofer, Otto Kühn.
    The psychological processes of construction a mental model when learning by being told, from examples, and by exploration.
    Mental Models and Human-Computer Interaction 2 [selected papers of the 8th Interdisciplinary Workshop in Informatics and Psychology, Schärding, Austria, June 1989]. 1991 (0) 1989
    Conference paper
    Otto Kühn, Franz Schmalhofer.
    An Integrative Model of Learning by Being Told, from Examples and by Exploration.
    GWAI-89, 13th German Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Eringerfeld, 18.-22. September 1989, Proceedings 1989 (0) 1989
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