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    First name: Fu
    Last name: Chen
    DBLP: 93/8965
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    Conference paper
    Fu Chen, Shuigui Kang, Lixia Ji, Xiuzhen Zhang.
    Stability and stabilisation for time-varying polytopic quadratic systems.
    Int. J. Control 2017, Volume 90 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Yuemei Xu, Zihou Wang, Yang Li, Fu Chen, Tao Lin, Wenjia Niu.
    Request routing through collaborative in-network caching for bandwidth optimization: a methodology.
    Trans. Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 2017, Volume 28 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Jun Shang, Huiyong Sun, Hui Liu, Fu Chen, Sheng Tian, Peichen Pan, Dan Li, Dexin Kong, Tingjun Hou.
    Comparative analyses of structural features and scaffold diversity for purchasable compound libraries.
    J. Cheminformatics 2017, Volume 9 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Fu Chen, Chuang Lin, Jiahai Yang, Yuemei Xue.
    A Study on Online Social Networks Theme Semantic Computing Model.
    IEEE International Conference on Web Services, ICWS 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA, June 27 - July 2, 2016 2016 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Fu Chen, Yuemei Xu, Yihan Ni.
    A Study on Online Social Networks Theme Semantic Computing Model.
    Int. J. Web Service Res. 2016, Volume 13 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Yong Ma, Fu Chen, Jianbo Liu, Yang He, Jianbo Duan, Xinpeng Li.
    An Automatic Procedure for Early Disaster Change Mapping Based on Optical Remote Sensing.
    Remote Sensing 2016, Volume 8 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Fu Chen, Xi Liu, Yuemei Xu, Miaohua Xu, Guangjun Shi.
    A Method on Chinese Thesauri.
    Collaborate Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing - 12th International Conference, CollaborateCom 2016, Beijing, China, November 10-11, 2016, Proceedings 2017 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Jianbo Liu, Jin Yang, Fu Chen, Qin Dai, Jing Zhang.
    Location-based instant satellite image service: concept and system design.
    Int. J. Digital Earth 2015, Volume 8 (0) 2015
    Conference paper
    Yuemei Xu, Shuai Ma, Yang Li, Fu Chen, Song Ci.
    P-CLS: A popularity-driven Caching Location and Searching scheme in Content Centric Networking.
    34th IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, IPCCC 2015, Nanjing, China, December 14-16, 2015 2015 (0) 2015
    Conference paper
    Fu Chen, Shaobin Zhan, Guangjun Shi, Mengyuan Guan.
    Crowdsourcing Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information via Sina Microblog.
    Internet of Vehicles - Technologies and Services - First International Conference, IOV, Beijing, China, September 1-3, 2014. Proceedings 2014 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Fu Chen, Shaobin Zhan, Guangjun Shi.
    A Study on Trend Prediction in Sina Weibo Community.
    2014 IEEE International Congress on Big Data, Anchorage, AK, USA, June 27 - July 2, 2014 2014 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Xue Bai, Fu Chen, Shaobin Zhan.
    A Study on Sentiment Computing and Classification of Sina Weibo with Word2vec.
    2014 IEEE International Congress on Big Data, Anchorage, AK, USA, June 27 - July 2, 2014 2014 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Xudong Xiang, Chuang Lin, Fu Chen, Xin Chen.
    Greening Geo-distributed Data Centers by Joint Optimization of Request Routing and Virtual Machine Scheduling.
    Proceedings of the 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, UCC 2014, London, United Kingdom, December 8-11, 2014 2014 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Fu Chen, Shengyuan Xu, Yun Zou, Huiling Xu.
    Controller design for nonlinear quadratic Markov jumping systems with input saturation.
    Int. J. Control 2014, Volume 87 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Ling Gan, Fu Chen.
    Human Action Recognition Using APJ3D and Random Forests.
    JSW 2013, Volume 8 (0) 2013
    Conference paper
    Guang-bin Ma, Wen-yi Zhang, Fu Chen, Peng Huang, Lixia Guo.
    Automatic Band Matching for Beijing1 Microsatellite Multispectral Images.
    IEEE International Geoscience Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS 2009, July 12-17, 2009, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, Proceedings 2009 (0) 2009
    Conference paper
    Zenggang Xiong, Yang Yang, Xuemin Zhang, Fu Chen, Li Liu.
    Integrating Genetic and Ant Algorithm into P2P Grid Resource Discovery.
    3rd International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (IIH-MSP 2007), Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 26-28 November 2007, Proceedings 2007 (0) 2007
    Conference paper
    David Rees, Johnson I. Agbinya, Nick Stone, Fu Chen, Sarath Seneviratne, Mark de Burgh, Anthony Burch.
    CLICK-IT: interactive television highlighter for sports action replay.
    Fourteenth International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 1998, Brisbane, Australia, 16-20 August, 1998 1998 (0) 1998
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